Pool Heaters vs Solar Panels

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Very often at Swift Solar we get asked which is better to heat your pool? Would it be best to have rubber solar panels installed or are the clients better off by purchasing a pool heater (or as we often call it, a heat pump) Swift Solar decided to list a few pros and cons of both products in an attempt to highlight the differences and how they may play a role in getting your pool heated. We hope that by showing the differences between a heat pump and solar panels, you would be well equipped to make an informed decision on what you would require. A lot of estates prefer heat pumps as it is more discreet. This would also apply to sites where physically installing rubber panels and pipes would not be feasible. Read along and decide which may be best suited for your swimming pool heating requirement:


The pros:

  • Temperature can be set up to 40 degrees celsius
  • Self regulating system
  • Provides year round swimming pleasure

The cons:

  • Expensive initial cost
  • Purchase of solar blanket compulsory
  • Needs gas every few years.


The pros:

  • Low installation costs
  • 30 year lifespan
  • System can be bypassed and added to ensure more heat
  • No maintenance required

The cons:

  • Dependent on outside ambient temperature to heat pool.
  • Headers may need replacing after 10+ years.

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  1. Good day, I am interested in your rubber solar panels. Can you please send me a quotation asap. The size of the pool is approximately 2.6 X 7m. The depth is about 1.5m. The roof for the solar panels is about 3m away from the pump, north facing! The house is single storey

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