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Swift Solar Proudly Offers The Following

Pool Construction, Repairs & Renovation

Swift Solar can build your dream pool from scratch!Let us quote you on
installing a new pool and ensure a pool installation which the neighbors would envy. We can return neglected pools into their former glory by repairing your pool in a professional and aesthetically pleasing fashion. We drain pools of excessive water and seal existing cracks and repairs.

Solar Pool Panels & Repairs

Swift Solar install high quality Solar Pool Panels to the general public and businesses.
Quality workmanship guaranteed with warranties on all products and services.
Locally manufactured products at affordable prices.
Swift Solar Panels are made from EPDM Rubber and have a 30 year lifespan!!!

Over 10 Years Experience

2 Year Full Satisfaction Guarantee

10 Year Product Warranty

Heat Pump Installations

We supply and install a high quality Energy Efficient Heat Pumps
which keep your swimming pool warm. Even during the winter months to get the most out of your pool.

Pool Pump Installations & Repairs

We supply and repair all types and makes of pool pumps to ensure your pool runs optimally.
Heat pumps can also be supplied upon request.

Pool Heater/ Heat pump:
Heat pumps are not dependent on solar radiation and will provide effective heating throughout your swimming season.
The  weatherproof heat pump units are easily installed to any existing pool and are easily uninstalled for relocation to a change of address.

Heat pumps work on the same principal as a household air conditioner, but in reverse. Although heat pumps requires energy to operate, only a small fraction is used for the resultant product, as most of the energy is obtained free from the atmosphere.
Warm outside air is captured, heated to your desired temperature and transferred directly into your pool water. This is the most economical method of heating your pool water! For every unit of electricity it uses, it produces 4 to 5 units of heat, extracted from the atmosphere.

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Professional Tidy Work

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Extend your swimming season with the ultimate in pool heating:

We have developed our solar panels specifically to cater for the South African climate. Our header pipes are hail resistant and contain no joints, providing a much stronger panel. Beware of imitations and trust the brand that has endured for more than 15 years.

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