Get Your Pool Heated to Ensure More Fun in the Sun

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Are you looking to get your pool geared up for the summer? If you’ve already got an outdoor oasis and you want to make some changes, you’ll definitely want to have your swimming pool heated. Not only does it extend your swimming season, but it would also ensure that families get to spend more time outdoors over a nice South-African “braai” . Don’t let your swimming area become a white elephant and sit there unused. Contact Swift Solar to assist you in turning your pool into the envy of the neighbourhood.  The solar pool heating setup works for small to large pools and are guaranteed best in business.  All of our panels are locally manufactured and made from EPDM rubber. This works perfectly in the South-African climate and can give you a good 30 year lifespan! Not only does the panels supplied boast a fantastic lifespan but the patented rubber system ensures the most heat gets distributed across all the panels. Still not sold? Our panels are proven to be the only WEATHER RESISTANT system which means it is less susceptible to hail damage and can even be repaired.

Should you wish to opt for something a little more compact we can gladly assist our clients in obtaining a heat pump. Our supplied heat pumps will ensure your pool gets heated in a quick and orderly fashion. All heat pumps are self regulating and would need to operate in conjunction with a solar blanket to ensure the pool maintains heat. Contrary to popular belief the system does not use a lot of energy and will not leave you out of pocket.

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