Services Offered

Swimming Pool Renovations

 Allow Swift Solar to breathe new life into your swimming pool. We specialize in the resurfacing of marbelite as well as fiberglass pools. Need your marbelite pool converted to fiberglass? NO PROBLEM, we do that too! We only use top quality materials when busy with any job and will always ensure the customer is a hundred percent satisfied. We are not just limited to doing only pool renovations, we can also assist with new coping and paving around your pool. Be sure to read up on all our testimonials regarding pool renovations on Google and Hellopeter.



Swimming Pool Heating

(Solar Panel Installations & repairs)

Swift Solar manufactures rubber EPDM panels which boasts a lifespan of 30 years. Not only are our panels weather resistant, they are also the only pool heating panels that are repairable in the event of being damaged. Do not be misled by other manufacturers claiming to stock single/double or triple density pool heating panels. There are only good quality heating systems and the not so good systems.

Our country is blessed with an abundance of sunshine, so why swim in a cold pool and let all that energy go to waste? Get your Swimming pool solar panels now, we have developed our solar panels specifically to cater for the South African climate. Our header pipes are hail resistant and contain no joints, providing a much stronger panel 

(made from ABS tubing).

Beware of imitations and trust the brand that has endured for more than 25 years.

Swift Solar will also never hesitate to give advice on our systems, we are just a Whatsapp or phone call away.



Electric heat pump installations 

We supply a high quality heat pumps which generates heat via electricity keeping your swimming pool heated even during the winter. Best value for money as the system is self regulated and can reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees celcius.

Heat pumps are not dependent on solar radiation and will provide effective heating throughout your swimming season. The neat weatherproof units are easily installed to any existing pool and are easily uninstalled for relocation to a change of address.



Suction Line Replacements

Quite often you may find there are bubbles exiting through your aimflow and could quite possibly indicate a suction leak. Your pool cleaner at this stage may also not work as effectively and have low pressure. We would be able to lift your surrounds and replace the lines from the pool pump towards your weir and ensure your pool works amazingly!


PVC Safety Covers and Solar Blankets

Keep your children and kids safe with our PVC covers which are SABS approved. Holds a max weight of 80kg and designed with a ratchet and aluminum pole system. Should safety not be a concern, we can provide and install solar blankets too which are excellent for maintaining heat as well as keeping debris out.




Request a FREE Quotation

Allow us to provide you with a free quotation within Gauteng. For pool heating enquiries, it is as easy as sending us a few photos/videos in order to quote you. For any pool renovation quotes we would request to inspect the swimming pool first.