New Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Using Swimming Pool Covers will increase your pool temperature by 6 degrees. We stock :

500 Micron Solar Blankets

Roll-up stations

Where pools are over 7 meters in length. A cover can require extra man power to operate. Roll up Stations for thermal covers add convenience, as well as a cover storage solution. Covers also reduces the amount of water lost due to the suns rays.

(These are however site dependent and available on request only)

Durable, made of PVC and aluminium, all parts are non-corrosive. This makes removing and replacing your pool cover a breeze.


  • Chemicals – up to 70%
  • Water – reduce evaporation by up to 80%
  • Electricity – reduced filter run time
  • Heating – up to 80% of heating costs
    • A covered pool will raise water temperature by approx. 5°C
    • Solar type covers can virtually eliminate the need for heating
  • Increased life of swimming pool components


A correctly designed and installed automatic swimming pool cover provides incredible safety and the best levels of protection

  • Isolates the water
  • Can be opened and closed quickly
  • Supports up-to 80kg
  • Pool covers only work when you use them

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