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Solar Pool Heating and repairs

All of our swimming pool heating panels are made from EPDM rubber and has a lifespan of 30 years. Our systems are the only ones on market which can be repaired in the event of being damaged. The unique panel is also weather resistant which means you have more peace of mind during hailstorms. Try the system which stood the test of time, 2 year guarantee and 10 year warranty on all solar panel work.

Pool Construction, Repairs & Renovation

Swift Solar specializes in all swimming pool restorations, repairs or renovations. Whether you have a marbelite or fiberglass pool, we can certainly get it back to it's former glory. Should you not have a swimming pool, we would be more than happy to build one for you! Contact us today to have your swimming pool renovated or built.

Heat Pump Installations

We supply and install high quality Energy Efficient Heat Pumps, which keep your swimming pool warm. Even during the winter months to get the most out of your pool.

Pool Pump Installations

Is your pool cleaner not working effectively? Are air bubbles making their way through your aimflow? You may have a suction leak or a tired pool pump. We supply 0.75kw and 1.1kw swimming pool pumps to ensure your pool runs optimally.


We have developed our solar panels specifically to cater for the South-African climate. Our header pipes are hail resistant and contain no joints, providing a much stronger panel which can last up to 30 years. All our pool heating work carries a 2 year guarantee as well as a 10 year warranty to give our clients peace of mind. Beware of imitations and trust the brand that has endured for more than 15 years.


Installation of high quality solar pool panels to the general public and businesses at affordable rates.


We can repair old panels and make them like they where new.


Quality workmanship guaranteed with warranty on all products and services.


Supporting South African Individuals, all panels are locally manufactured.

Pool Heaters vs Solar Panels

Very often at Swift Solar we get asked which is better to heat your pool? Would it be best to have rubber solar panels installed or are the clients better off by purchasing a pool heater (or as we often call it, a heat pump) Swift Solar decided to list a few pros and cons

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Get the Best Pool Experience Ever With Swift Solar Pool Construction

Many people today pursue swimming pool construction. They are both old and new property owners who want to have a beautiful swimming pool in their premises built by the most knowledgeable and trustworthy builders and contractors. Enter Swift Solar -Smart property owners don’t just hire ordinary pool companies. They look for those that can exactly

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Get Your Pool Heated to Ensure More Fun in the Sun

Are you looking to get your pool geared up for the summer? If you’ve already got an outdoor oasis and you want to make some changes, you’ll definitely want to have your swimming pool heated. Not only does it extend your swimming season, but it would also ensure that families get to spend more time

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