Heat Pumps

Pool heater/ heat-pumps

Heat pumps are not dependent on solar radiation and will provide effective heating throughout your swimming season.
The neat weatherproof units are easily installed to any existing pool and
are easily uninstalled for relocation to a change of address.

Heat pumps work on the same principal as a household air conditioner, but in reverse.
Although it requires energy to operate, only a small fraction is used for the resultant product,
as most of the energy is obtained free from the atmosphere.
Warm outside air is captured, heated to your desired temperature and transferred directly into your pool water.
This is the most economical method of heating your pool water! For every unit of electricity it uses,
it produces 4 to 5 units of heat, extracted from the atmosphere.

heat pumps,thermostats
Digital electronic control panel for easy operation
Output KW Volt Input
Running Amp Compressor BTU Pool Size
M2 M

9.5 220V 1980 8.8 Rotary 32500 30 7x4
11.3 220V 2306 10.6 Rotary 38500 40 8x4
12.5 220V 2550 11.7 Rotary 42500 50 9.5x4.5
14 220V 2980 13.6 Rotary 48500 60 10x5
21 380V 4550 9.1 Scroll 73000 80 12x6

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